About the hotel

Hotel «Vivas» a small hotel in the central part of Goris. It was founded in 2004.

Hotel «Vivas» offers you proudly and with love

•    peaceful and calm surroundings in Goris.
•    Hospitality and pleasant service
•    Armenian cuisine (at Vazo)


The aim of the hotel

Hotel «Vivas» was founded to become one of the favourite hotels for all the guests from the world.



•    Armenian cuisine (at Vazo) where you can taste traditional Armenian barbeque, kebab, kebab with potato and other dishes.
•    On the ground floor there is a shopping center,where you can find any kind of goods.
•    Backyard – the hotel has a wide and sunny yard where you can spend your pleasant time.
•    A park - in this beautiful corner under the shade of trees you can spend your open-air rest.
•    Parking lot.